A real NBN is slipping away

Excellent article written by Rod Tucker, one of the architects of the original NBN plan.

It saddens that this dream is slipping further and further away. No politician is willing to listen and it seems the more that people shout the less they are heard.

The one thing i wanted from NBN was to see the expansion of tele-health. This could have brought doctors to your house in a very different way than what they do now. Data throughput on a PON based network wouldn’t have been an issue but on the new propsoed NBN i really don’t think it will cope. Sadly I don’t think tele-health will be a reality now, maybe in the next 20 years but no sooner.



Which programming language is the most popular…

I was curious today about what the next big thing would be in the programming world and stumbled upon this very nice chart.

It shows the popularity of programming languages based on discussions in Stack Overflow and constantly polling the commits done in Git Hub.

I wasn’t surprised by C#, PHP and Java, i expected them to be there but JavaScript is really up there. Plus R language is really high as well.

Anyhoo, it’s an interesting chart, let me know what you think.




Photons + Ultra Cold Atoms = Lightsabers

OMG Lightsabers could be come a reality…..

Well maybe not but this article states a breakthrough in an understanding of how photons interact with each other.

Yes that sounds really vague and I’m sure the physics behind this is really complex… But think of the lightsabers people!!!!

I propose we start a new organisation that pioneers the research into photons interacting. We could call it ‘Joule Electron Displacement Initiative’…maybe.

Anyway this article was pretty cool but it was way cooler because they mentioned Lightsabers.



Love this article on Coffee Script

Nicolas Bevacqua is a very passionate individual. He blogs about the obfuscation created by Coffee Script in things like answering questions on forums or posting examples

It’s quite a funny read and I personally agree with him. I’m not saying CoffeeScript is bad, i think it looks nice but the point being made is CoffeeScript !== JavaScript and you can’t expect people to understand your code if they have only ever known JavaScript.