#TCBR complete for 2015 #awesome #cycling #cci

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Chewbacca socks for crazy sock day on the Townsville to Cairns Bike Ride #cycling #tcbr #cci

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Day 2 on the Townsville to cairns bike ride #tcbr #cycling #cci

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Ready to roll for the 2015 Townsville to cairns bike ride #cycling

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2 sleeps #tcbr #cycling http://tcbr.org.au/

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When did Master Foods start making #toys ?? #toddlerlife

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And full time and the gap is even greater, nice work #queensland #stateoforigin #nrl #queenslander

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At this point of the game I thought the score would be a lot closer #stateoforigin #nrl #sports

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Clone SVN repository to GIT using TortoiseGIT on Windows

This was useful to my interests


I enjoy using git because of its simplicity and speed. Recently, I have been working on a project of ours which uses SVN as a default version control system.

I proposed to my team to switch to Git as we can also use GitHub after that for making our code public. So, I decided to take the initiative to convert our SVN repository ready for GIT. There were 2 solutions to this:

  • I use the latest stable code and then check it into the latest GitHub repository.
  • I convert the whole SVN repository into Git repository.

I wanted to do the latter as I want to ensure that the commit logs are maintained across the clone.

So, after looking on the internet I found a few solutions using git-svn. The github site gives a good link on how to do it on a linux machine: https://help.github.com/articles/importing-from-subversion

However, I was looking…

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