Well i missed this announcement from Cloudant

Well i noticed this on my account page with Cloudant:

Cloudant DBaaS price change—the free tier just got free-er!

Big news! We’ve raised the limit of the Cloudant DBaaS multi-tenant free tier from $5 per month to $50 per month. This permanent change begins on January 1, 2015, and will automatically be applied to the accounts of all multi-tenant users.

There will still be no extra charges for secondary index reads and updates, and bulk reads and writes will continue to count as one request.

You can see the details in their changed pricing page.

This is an awesome way to start the 2015. $50 is a lot of http and json flying back and forth. For me it means more room to play.

i <3 Cloudant…


RELAX, leave backbone alone

I have been playing with backbonejs and CouchDB in my (limited) spare time to see how usable they are together.

Well I have a backbone collection and figured I would fetch a couch view into the collection. Now backbone expects an JSON array and couch gives you a single JSON object that has total and a rows etc.



I started to look around for someone on git that may have done this, not much luck. There were a couple of customisations that have been written but there were a few issues with using the latest backbone release.

I figured I’d start writing my own backbone extension that overrides the sync and fetch functions. I had already done a simple OData JSONP extension for work so I got started.

Then something in the back of my mind said ….list….

I realised you didn’t need to modify backbone, I could use a list function in couch. I even found someone on stackoverflow that had already written one (WIN)

ImageThe more I think about it couch is designed to do things like this, it will add in etags to help cache the list and I can even modify the list to handle different content types.

Hope this helps in some way.