A real NBN is slipping away

Excellent article written by Rod Tucker, one of the architects of the original NBN plan.

It saddens that this dream is slipping further and further away. No politician is willing to listen and it seems the more that people shout the less they are heard.

The one thing i wanted from NBN was to see the expansion of tele-health. This could have brought doctors to your house in a very different way than what they do now. Data throughput on a PON based network wouldn’t have been an issue but on the new propsoed NBN i really don’t think it will cope. Sadly I don’t think tele-health will be a reality now, maybe in the next 20 years but no sooner.


Awesome answer about coffee on quora

Just read this answer to a question on quora about coffee.

I’ll have to agree, I have been walking in Melbourne and in a little side street I’ve found a little coffee stand and it has been some of the best coffee I have ever tasted.