I would have to agree

There are some harsh criticisms in this post about certain aspects of the HTML5 spec.

I would have to agree with Luke Stevens because he mentions that adding in elements like ‘sections’ have created confusion for many people, including me.

I googled ‘purpose of section tag’ and a lot of what is returned is individuals such as my self trying to make light of the the purpose of such a tag. ‘In all honesty why is it there?… isn’t it just a div?…’ These are all the sorts of comments left by individuals. 

When i first saw the new tags at first thought i was dreading all the changes i would have to make to my HTML and CSS, all my navigation areas will now need to be wrapped in nav tags etc…

Again more confusion, but after some more reading i came to the conclusion you don’t need to change anything, in fact most of what we have written will last for years to come.