Tim Minchin is a funny guy


Help on learning Backbone.js

Just discovered this awesome site called codeschool and they have this section for learning backbone.js

The ui gets you to type in the code and it marks your code as you go. What makes this really really awesome is that you gain experience and level up. Finally someone is capitalizing on those coders who spent years playing RPGs (Final Fantasy was my poison).

It’s a really nice UI and you have the reading material available as you go. All you need to do is type and get the correct answer.

I think i’m going to use this more often :)


Today i read about closures in JavaScript. It was curiosity that forced me to look at this and after reading a few posts and examples on stack overflow I think i have it down pat now.


I particularly like the post with references to unicorns :)

This whole curiosity into closures was just to clarify my understanding of what closures were in JavaScript and has actually made me realize why certain things are done in toolkit’s.

Level Up