Time to adapt to mobile and Siri

Time to adapt to mobile and Siri

I found this on linked in and it came from a Futurist and Innovation expert. The advice in there is pretty good but i’m wondering if this isn’t already mainstream. 

I read the article and much of it doesn’t come as a surprise, it’s more a ‘yep, heard that before’. But the one thing i found useful was the adoption of Siri, this i think is a winner.

How you do this is yet to be determined. It would be nice if you could say ‘Siri, purchase a bike pump and have it delivered here’. Siri would need to know what bike tyre valve you have, how much you’d be willing to spend and where you live. This may be a little far off but it would almost be like having you’re own personal assistant.

Anyway, enjoy the read.


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