Armed with APIs, developers will drive the composable enterprise

A change is a coming….


As API-fronted services rapidly proliferate, a radical new model for building applications is emerging – and it’s going to radically change enterprise IT. In this model, companies will choose from a toolbox of public and private API services that can be integrated and discarded with relative ease to meet changing business demands.

It will simplify the integration of complex systems into businesses – and it will see the developers playing a decisive role in which technologies win, driving adoption from the bottom up. Termed by some as “the Composable Enterprise,” this model of production threatens to forever alter the economics and power relationships that define traditional enterprise IT organizations.

Jonathan Murray, EVP & CTO at Warner Music, recently tackled the composable enterprise model in a blog post, describing an approach to building applications where “[c]om­pound busi­ness processes are bro­ken down into the min­i­mized set of ‘atomic’ functions. These processes…

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