Well i missed this announcement from Cloudant

Well i noticed this on my account page with Cloudant:

Cloudant DBaaS price change—the free tier just got free-er!

Big news! We’ve raised the limit of the Cloudant DBaaS multi-tenant free tier from $5 per month to $50 per month. This permanent change begins on January 1, 2015, and will automatically be applied to the accounts of all multi-tenant users.

There will still be no extra charges for secondary index reads and updates, and bulk reads and writes will continue to count as one request.

You can see the details in their changed pricing page.

This is an awesome way to start the 2015. $50 is a lot of http and json flying back and forth. For me it means more room to play.

i <3 Cloudant…

How to change service account for reporting services


This saved me a bit of time. Now all i need to do is schedule a down time…

Originally posted on CoreSQL:

There is a specific way to change the SSRS service account if you strait forward change the service account then after restart of SSRS when you try to access reports you will receive below error.

The report server cannot decrypt the symmetric key used to access sensitive or encrypted data in a report server database. You must either restore a backup key or delete all encrypted content and then restart the service. Check the documentation for more information. (rsReportServerDisabled) Get Online

In the SSRS log you can see the below log



The Report Server service uses the symmetric key to access the encrypted data in a report server database. This symmetric key is encrypted by using an asymmetric public key that corresponds to the computer and the user account that is used to run the Report Server service. When you change the user account that is used to run…

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Guitar Hero Creators Tackle Fitness Equipment Next With Goji Play



Originally posted on TechCrunch:

Treadmills. They’re just so monotonous, no?

It’s a challenge to keep your mind off exhaustion or muscle fatigue, so many gym users turn to TV shows or books to distract themselves. But even that may not be enough to make exercise less of a chore for regular folk.

So Charles and Kai Huang, who are behind Guitar Hero, got the band back together and started Blue Goji. Today they’re launching Goji Play, which is a set of exercise equipment-friendly game controllers that lets you play games while on a treadmill or a bike.

“One of the things we learned back in our days working on Guitar Hero was really how great games can immerse people and inspire them,” Huang said. “And that’s not only have to fun but also to get more active. We really are all about active gaming and so after we moved on from Activision…

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